Ever get annoyed because you miss a pursuit? Yeah, me too!

ChaseAlert has two Twitter accounts to keep you informed.

This account is where the main activity is, where my coverage will be and where I am likely to “blow up” your feed if I’m covering a pursuit. #SorryNotSorry You may not want to set up alerts for this account because you will get a lot during a pursuit. Or, do so you don’t miss a moment!

This is my companion account. This account is not monitored. Generally, I will tweet once or twice when a chase starts and again if there is known coverage. In full disclosure, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes things are unfolding too quickly, sometimes it ends too quickly, and sometimes I just plain forget. It happens. This serves as my blanket apology going forward.

If you don’t like getting a lot of alerts, follow me on @ChaseAlert and set up alerts on @ChaseAlertsOnly. Do follow both though so you don’t miss any of the action or Bingo!

My main focus is chases, but I do cover other things occasionally. Come for the chases, stay because I’m awesome and you’d be missing out on what the New York Times called “morbid curiosity.”

I get a lot of tweets asking for the live feed link or televised location. The short answer is, there isn’t always one. I am usually getting my information live from my scanner.

We all love to watch the pursuits live, however, pursuits don’t always get televised. There are so many variables — media agencies don’t have choppers up at all times, the media may have programming conflicts, there may be weather challenges. Do not doubt my awesomeness, if I know there’s a live feed I will let you know. In the meantime, please check the live feeds from local news agencies (KCAL/CBSLA, NBCLA, KTLA, FOXLA, etc). You can also listen to an online scanner app. My site of choice is Broadcastify, just select the state and county and find the agency you want to hear (here’s the link for LA County). Note that these feeds have a delay that can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

I try to respond to every tweet and email so keep them coming!